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Review: Fractal Design Define Nano S

by Parm Mann on 28 January 2016, 15:45

Tags: Fractal Design

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Nano S has plenty of room to breathe, and that bodes well for our Intel Pentium G3258 processor. You could, of course, put a meatier CPU inside this chassis without having to worry, and being able to attach a 160mm-tall heatsink or liquid cooler is a bonus.

The purpose-built Radeon R9 270X graphics card gets a fair deal warmer. Is the chassis' front intake stifled? Is the graphics card a touch too close to the PSU? Or is the Nano S better suited to longer graphics cards with larger coolers? Probably a combination of all three, but whatever the case, 80┬║C is a surprise for a chassis of this size.

In its default configuration, the Nano S comes equipped with a pair of three-pin fans that aren't the quietest. Another unexpected choice, as PWM fans seem an obvious candidate for any case outfitted with sound-dampening materials.