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Review: NZXT Zero chassis

by Matt Davey on 14 February 2007, 08:40

Tags: NZXT

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NZXT - where in God’s name did it come from? Well, from Taiwan, apparently. Back in 2004, this new manufacturer seemed to have thought long and hard before setting the production lines running, targeting gamers with its shiny, ‘blinged-up’ products.

In early 2006, however, the NZXT Lexa burst onto the scene, bringing a slick, solid-looking, curvaceous form to what is, fundamentally, a world of rectangular boxes.

NZXT - Zero

Fast forward to late 2006 and the Zero appeared in the market with a RRP just under £100, so the big question is whether it's all looks and no substance? Let’s get cracking and find out.