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Review: Antec Nine Hundred Chassis

by Matt Davey on 27 December 2006, 09:29

Tags: Antec

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Hear that? That’s the collective relief of Antec. The Nine-Hundred (900) series has finally arrived. What’s that, I hear you say? It’s been out months? Sure it has and no, we’re not going mad. This, folks, much like washing powder, is the new and improved Antec 900.

Well, actually, that’s not quite right. Let’s try that again. This, folks, is an Antec 900 that finally works!

A few months' back the Antec 900 seemed to appear out of nowhere, with very little press coverage, in the U.K. at least, and it just looked plain odd. Not surprisingly it still does, but it’s a break from the norm for Antec; we haven’t seen something this futuristic and angled for quite some time.

Before we get to the chassis itself, there is a bit of explaining to do about its history…