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Review: SilverStone Temjin Series TJ04-E

by Parm Mann on 8 February 2012, 09:13 4.5

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Inside the Temjin Series TJ04-E

SilverStone's done a decent job in tidying up the overall aesthetics of the TJ04-E, but it's clear that the manufacturer has spent most of its time focussing on the internal space. Compare it to the original 2004 model, and you'll find the spacious all-black interior to be more than just a minor upgrade. The changes, at least internally, are more revolution than evolution.


Starting with cooling, the TJ04-E ships with three pre-installed fans; a 120mm top intake, a 120mm rear exhaust, and a 120mm side fan that's aimed directly at the hard-disk cage. The out-the-box configuration should suit most users, and SilverStone's setup is intended to create positive pressure and reduce dust build up, but there is room to manoeuvre. If you feel the need, a second 120/140mm exhaust can be added up top, as can a 120mm bottom intake and another 120mm side intake.

There's plenty of airflow for all your vital components, and SilverStone's also made the TJ04 easier to work with. There's now a sizeable cutout in the motherboard tray for CPU cooler installation, a good number of cutouts for cable routing (though none are rubber-grommeted, sadly), and tool-free 5.25in drive bays.


It's all tidy enough, but SilverStone hasn't quite gone all out. The PCIe expansion slots are held in place with standard screws - as opposed to the thumbed variety - and the multi-coloured cabling isn't particularly neat. Black sheaths on the front I/O connectors and the internal fans wouldn't have gone amiss.

What you do have, though, is a surprisingly-roomy interior that happily accepts high-end ATX builds. Cable management is good, with a decent amount of room between the motherboard tray and side panel, and if you're a bit of a storage nut, you're going to love the 3.5in and 2.5in drive cages.

The removable 3.5in cage, housed at the front of the chassis alongside a 120mm fan, is able to house eight tightly-packed hard disks and there's room for a ninth drive beneath the cage. SilverStone recommends using that ninth slot for your system disk, as that's the one drive you wouldn't be chopping and changing on a regular basis. In addition to the numerous of 3.5in bays, there's also a dedicated 2.5in drive cage situated on the floor of the chassis between the PSU and hard-disk cage. It provides room for six 2.5in drives, and it's quite flexible, too. Depending on your needs, the 2.5in cage can be moved inside the larger 3.5in cage, or it can be taken out completely.


The TJ04-E's storage potential really is top-notch, and its capabilities don't stop at capacity alone. If you do opt to fill out the hard-disk cage (as pictured above), SilverStone's bundle includes a set of power extenders that allow you to power multiple drives without a mass of cables - though, you'd still have all the SATA connectors to worry about.

On top of that, the inside of the hard-disk cage is lined with vibration-dampening material, and two chunky aluminium heatsinks are also included in the box. We wouldn't think you'd need them if you're using one or two drives, but if you are intent on half-a-dozen closely-packed hard disks, the heatsinks sit adjacent to the side intake fan and are there to draw heat away from the storage area. The silver, pull-out handle is a nice touch, too.


Our high-end X58 test platform slots in with ease, and there's enough room to maintain a clean-looking and unobstructed build. The multiple cable-routing holes all help keep the system looking tidy, but the real treat is the space at the bottom of the chassis, behind the motherboard tray. SilverStone has nudged back the area behind the PSU to create a slight void that's ideal for storing excess cabling - even the thick 24-pin motherboard power cable fits in with room to spare.