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Review: Cooler Master COSMOS S

by Matt Davey on 22 February 2008, 14:42

Tags: Cosmos S, Cooler Master, PC

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Overview and specifications

While the COSMOS was silver finished with a glossy black front door, the S-variant introduces a whole new colour scheme and does away with the door. Furthermore, it's built from a different material.

Cooler Master was keen to point out that, although the RC1100 is part of the same product family, this S-variant is for gaming enthusiasts – so in some key respects is a completely different chassis.

Gone is the industrial steel from the inside. Instead the RC1100 features aluminium throughout. As a result, 3.1kg is shaved off the weight, which is only 13.8kg.

Cooler Master Cosmos S

Cooler Master says its intention was to create the 'sports car' of the chassis world; there's even a slick pimp-my-ride-style exterior finish - a mix of gunmetal grey and black split with flashes of Essex red paint here and there. (Ed. HEXUS Manager of Competitive Analysis, James 'Harlow Cruizer' Smith, willl love this stuff!...)

The original COSMOS was all about quietness but the RC1100 changes that focus. Tying in with the sports car image, this case is all about speed and performance. Indeed, although the chassis is the same size as its forerunner, it's compatible with three-way SLI or Quad-GPU CrossFireX straight out of the box.


Dimensions 628(d) x 226(w) x 598(h) mm
Material Aluminium and plastic
Weight 13.8kg
5.25in external 10 - seven available for use
3.5in external None - use 5.25in bays as required
3.5in internal Four as standard in 4-in-3 module
Expansion slots Seven
System fans 3 x 120mm, 1 x 200mm (optional - 3 x 120mm)
Water-cooling preparation Yes
Model variants One
Manufacturer code RC1100