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Review: Tuniq 3 PC system case

by Matt Davey on 1 November 2007, 09:19

Tags: Tuniq 3, Tuniq, PC

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Up front and personal

Our silver review sample came without a side window and is a mix of steel (the main construction material), aluminium and plastic. At first glance, the Tuniq 3 is a very pretty and simple. And simplicity is the key word that describes the brushed aluminium front.

Tuniq 3

From the front, the Tuniq 3 has a bit of a Mac feel. The brushed aluminium is split into two parts, the lower carrying a simple Tuniq logo, the upper being a door.

With a weight of 11.2kg, it's by no means a light chassis but, with dimensions of 430(h) x 200(w) x 451(d) mm, the size is about average.

Tuniq 3

With the front being so clean, we feared that the buttons and activity lights would be stuffed out of sight, a position that some regard as being as practical as a chocolate fireguard - but we needn't have worried.

Tuniq 3

That's because Tuniq has positioned the buttons and lights up at the top of the chassis near the front, where they're housed in a simple plastic frame.

We rather like that position but are a little concerned that the reset and power buttons are the same size as one another and equally as easy to press. The reset button really needs to be recessed and made smaller to avoid the sort of swearing fits that - judging by our experience - users will be prone to when accidentally resetting the PC!