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Review: Cooler Master MasterBox 5t

by Parm Mann on 8 December 2016, 09:01

Tags: Cooler Master

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The MasterBox 5t shouldn't be considered high-end in its standard dual-fan configuration, yet there's plenty of airflow for a modern CPU. Our overclocked Core i5-3570K is kept suitably cool beneath a be quiet! Dark Rock 3.

It's in the graphics department that the best-performing cases are separated from the rest. There's a large gap between the MasterBox 5t's solitary front 120mm intake and our dual GTX 970s, and GPU temperature hit 80ºC roughly 10 minutes into a gaming stint, resulting in slight throttling.

Sound-dampening materials aren't part of the MasterBox 5t's make-up, yet the fan controller helps keep noise down to a reasonable quiet level when idle. The GPUs do get noisy when they hit their 80ºC target, however, resulting in a clearly audible build when gaming.