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by David Ross on 12 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: MESH Computers

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...one of the few large UK system builders remaining...


In the throes, and immediate aftermath, of the financial collapse of TIME Computers in the UK - previously recognised by component manufacturers as the only Tier One system integrator grown on our island - HEXUS tried to contact officials involved with the sadly dying company, but it seemed as though everyone we tried to contact was hiding under a rock or wouldn’t be spoken to, even by telephone, without a prior appointment to do so.

In any event, it was obvious to HEXUS that, with the demise of TIME, the next tier of system builders, a space occupied in part, but significantly, by MESH Computers, would become the top sales targets for PC component manufacturers looking to peddle their products to a volume PC maker in the UK; so, we thought, with a view to gauging reaction to the demise of TIME, it would interesting to get the insight of the man at the helm of this, one of the few large system builders that has remained standing through testing times.

HEXUS consequently published an exclusive interview with Tony Riccardi, the General Manager of MESH Computers.

Subsequent to this, discussions within the HEXUS.community brought about a few off-topic postings (and one email from an individual to whom we’ve responded, but have not yet received the courtesy of a reply …) about the after-sales service of MESH Computers…

This lead to two things :

Firstly, HEXUS considering the way in which we could responsibly allow our readers to coherently communicate their thoughts, and how we could help them if they were having genuine difficulties.

Secondly, our listening to what MESH Computers had to say about some of the complaints that have appeared elsewhere on the internet.

In a very frank and, er, colourful discussion with HEXUS, Riccardi expressed his frustration on several matters...