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Windows 8.1 downloads available from 12-noon today in the UK

by Mark Tyson on 17 October 2013, 09:49

Tags: Windows 8

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Windows 8.1 will arrive at 12-noon today (UK time) as a free upgrade for users of Windows 8. The update availability notification should appear in the Windows Store, accessed via the Modern User Interface. When you go ahead and apply the update it should install in place over your existing installation leaving all your applications, settings and documents intact. Fingers crossed.

There aren’t just operating system and user interface tweaks in the Windows 8.1 update. However these interface tweaks were headline makers when they were announced, notably the re-appearance of a Start Button and a boot to desktop option. Microsoft has also included and recently detailed new built-in applications, 3D printing support, integrated Bing Smart Search technology, a new Skype and how SkyDrive is baked into the system. There are many discussions and articles about the highlights of the imminent Windows 8.1 available on the official Windows Blog.

Microsoft seems to have spent quite a bit of effort in designing the new Creative Expression apps. If Windows 8.1 is going to be big on tablets in the upcoming months, with affordable and punchy little 8-inch screened Bay-Trail powered devices proliferating, then a good out of the box experience for taking pictures and videos then editing and sharing them is very important. The new ‘Creative Apps’ suite seems to be made for this purpose.

Microsoft has also been working with developers to try and push and fill gaps in the Windows MUI app roster. Today in anticipation of the release of Windows 8.1 an official Facebook app has arrived and personalised news magazine Flipboard is expected soon.

As a reminder, if you haven’t jumped ship to Windows 8 yet, Microsoft will make it easy to install 8.1 from scratch with the ‘full version software’ retail DVDs being released from tomorrow.

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I think I will wait for a few weeks to let someone else find out the problem
cjs150 that's called the release candidate (RC) or in this instance the preview version… It's been out for a long period already.

I'll be upgrading as soon as it's available!
Anybody know if there will be an ISO windows 8.1 available for download for those who wish to make a clean install?
I'll install it - I like the idea of boot to desktop.

Now if they'll just fix the stupid split screen setup for Apps (like the PDF reader) and make the split adjustable, I'll be a happier camper.
I upgraded a few weeks ago when it was released to Technet. Stuck with Windows 7 until 8.1 was available, then upgraded 7 > 8 and 8 > 8.1. I had a quick play with 8 before installing 8.1, but to be honest the differences seem pretty minor apart from the new options on the ‘Navigation’ tab. (e.g. boot to desktop).

I'm still not convinced about the whole Metro thing on a standard monitor, but I'll stick with 8.1 now, if only because it supports DirectX 11.2