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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala now available

by Parm Mann on 29 October 2009, 15:42

Tags: Ubuntu 9.10, Canonical

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The last few months have been interesting as far as high-profile operating systems are concerned. Apple kick started a wave of updates with the introduction of Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard back on August 28th, and that was followed up a little over a week ago with an even bigger launch from Microsoft in the form of Windows 7 (check out our multi-part review here).

That's the vast majority of the market covered, but what about those hankering for something a little less costly? Linux tends to be the answer, and Canonical has today released version 9.10 of one of the most popular distributions; Ubuntu.

The new release, codenamed Karmic Koala and available to download free of charge at, promises "dozens of new features and improvements to take user experience to next level".

Among the list of improvements, users will find a redesigned login experience, faster boot times, a revamped audio framework, improved 3G broadband connectivity and the latest version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser bundled as standard.

With the focus on improving the user experience, Canonical claims that "changes small and large" have helped to shape Ubuntu into "the most user-friendly operating system available".

Bold claims, but considering that it's completely free, can we really stand to argue? If you've been putting Ubuntu 9.10 through its paces, let us know how you're getting on in the forums - is it living up to expectations, and can it find its place as your primary desktop OS?

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Am I missing something or is it only the 32bit version available?
Shameless plug, additional links, discussion, and information.

I'm torrenting the images now. Will get back on it later.
Am I missing something or is it only the 32bit version available?

Click the “Alternative download options” link. It'll give you a selection for other images, including amd64.
I'm banging the same old drum here, but anyway…

I'm a huge fan of the NetBook Remix (NBR) version of this.
I remember reading a while ago about Microsoft's threats of owning patents on certain aspects of GUI's (i cant remember if this was also tied in with all that SCO stuff too), but basically it boiled down to “anyone who makes an OS that uses a ‘start’ button in the bottom left, from which you get your menu to select your apps is copying Microsoft's way of doing things”. Or some such.

Anyway, my point is that the NBR version of 9.10 uses a beautiful and genuinely different layer on top of the regular OS, which works a treat on smaller screens, but is in fact also great on large monitors too. I think that it could (should?) become the default interface.
They must feed their marketing team LSD on a daily basis.

Last release was Hardy Heron, now we get Karmic Koala……lol