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Ubuntu 8.04 desktop edition now available

by Parm Mann on 25 April 2008, 10:13

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Linux users will be happy to hear that the latest release of the increasingly popular Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, is now available for download.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS provides long-term support for its users, featuring three years support for desktop versions and five years support for server versions.

Jane Silber, COO of Canonical Ltd, comments:

“Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition is a very significant release as it will take Ubuntu squarely into the business environment. "Our business and home users have told us that they want a longer support cycle to make Ubuntu a better deployment option. We have responded to that and added a commitment to much broader software and hardware support that we and our partners are excited to deliver. With enhanced commercial support through Landscape, combined with our always excellent community support, expect to see 8.04 LTS drive Ubuntu into new arenas."

As part of this release are the following key enhancements, as listed by Canonical:

  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS raises the bar on the Linux desktop experience. It includes the latest, stable version of many core products, and in that spirit is the first distribution to bring Mozilla Firefox 3 (Beta 5) to millions of users. The combination of Linux and Firefox make Ubuntu 8.04 LTS a superb web desktop, with fast browsing and greatly reduced exposure to viruses, web forgery and spyware.
  • Enhanced photo experience: The enhanced default photo manager, F-Spot, together with improved camera and phone recognition means users can upload, tag, manage, display, delete, print and share photos with friends and family more easily.
  • Music sharing and download: Users can plug in a PSP, share playlists with friends, buy from the Magnatune online music store, stream live radio and plug in more devices than ever (with UpnP).
  • Better video: The new default movie player now allows users to browse YouTube and other video sources across the web and to share their videos with others. It integrates with Myth TV, the open source TVR, so users can watch their favourite TV shows straight on the desktop. Brasero allows them to easily burn all content to CD or DVD.
  • Productivity enhancements: Clock and calendar integration is available to manage time across the globe with a single click to set, attend and receive alerts about appointments.
  • Slick desktop: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS combines the latest GNOME applications with desktop visual effects, giving users a smoother, better-looking and more intuitive experience.

As always, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems as a free download from

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8.04 also has wubi integrated, which 7.10 doesn't(? don't remember it being on the copy I had) wubi allows you to install within windows; set your partition size up to 30gb, it restarts and creates the parition, installs and then your set for dual booting. When you want to remove it you can do so form add/remove in windows :)

Its very good, got it all setup last night.
I shall be installing this on my Laptop when I go home :)

Set the torrent going last night, but then turned my machine off!

So I'm at sat Uni downloading it at ~1MB/s, which grabs a 700MiB ISO pretty quickly!
installed on my 2nd PC so far it look good. I only wish that they made it easier to modify the GUI as I tried with the last version to make it look like OSX and failed several times :embarrassed:
installed on my 2nd PC so far it look good. I only wish that they made it easier to modify the GUI as I tried with the last version to make it look like OSX and failed several times :embarrassed:

Yeah I found it a bit tricky to alter the GUI as well… actually I should re-phrase that and say that I didn't have the patience last night, its quite fiddly to change the colours. some nice pre-defined themes would be good.

One other thing I did notice was that it picked up an NTFS formatted external HDD that I have and mounted it rather more quickly and easily than 7.10 did. So I was able to sync rhythmbox with that for all my music :)
I want to install this on my dell laptop but being new to linux im worried about getting all the hardware devices to work with it. I like the sound of the simpler way to install it but do u think i should wait for dell to put together their version of it with all drivers included or just go for it and try to install the drivers myself?