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Flickr and Linux brought together by Flickrfs

by Parm Mann on 21 April 2008, 08:31

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One of the coolest Flickr applications to date

Every photo-enthusiast and picture-collector seems to have nothing but love for Flickr, and rightfully so, it is one of the very best online photo management applications in the world.

As great as it may be however, don't you sometimes find that keeping your catalogue of photos organised is a bit of a chore? Yeah, well, me too.

For Linux users, there's an answer in the form of Flickrfs, a virtual filesystem which mounts on your Linux machine like any other partition. Developed by Manish Rai Jain, Flickrfs is based upon the FUSE kernel module and allows you to upload, download and organise your Flickr images as if they were local files.

Flickrfs is designed to work through the command line, for the most part. Users finding that a little more strenuous than they'd like will be pleased to hear that Rai Jain has also developed Desktop Flickr Organiser, a GUI-based application that works in tandem with Flickrfs.

Flickrfs is a free download and installation instructions can be found over at the official website, remember though, it's Linux only.

Official website:

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