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Tessellation hugely exciting says AMD exec.

by Sylvie Barak on 26 October 2009, 10:01


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Tessellation a big Win(7)

One might be forgiven for wondering why AMD is making such a song and dance of Microsoft Windows 7 but the answer, the firm's head of European developer relations told HEXUS, lies squarely with DX11 and Tessellation.

DX11 ships as part of the news Windows operating system, but should be made available for Windows Vista in the very near future, too.

When we asked Richard Huddy, in an exclusive interview, what he was most excited to be working on at AMD, Huddy replied that it was without a doubt that it was tessellation, saying it was "sometimes the simple solutions which surprise you the most."

AMD has long been banging on about Win 7's new graphics application programming interface (API), DirectX 11, mainly because it lets developers have a crack at programming software with higher-quality precision built in.

Tessellation - which increases the number of polygons in an image, allowing for a more lifelike image - has actually existed for several GPU generations now and is just one of the improved benefits facilitated by DirectX 11, along with multithreaded rendering and DirectCompute.

Huddy told HEXUS AMD had supported the technology since 2001, under the name of Truform (what happened to that?), but it has also been used in the Xbox 360 GPU under the codename "Xenos".