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Intel finally set to smash AMD in performance stakes

by David Ross on 8 March 2006, 00:46

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Conroe 2.67 vs AMD Athlon FX 60 (at 2.8) Benchmarks

HEXUS managed to get down and dirty with some sweet Conroe love. Yep - you heard it right we have managed to snag some time with the new Intel architecture some 4 months before it is believed to be released.

The best part is - we managed to compare it against AMD's highest performing part which was overclocked. Intel is clearly excited about this, and has good reason to be.

In a few months Intel will be the first to admit that the current P4 line up is running too hot and the performance is poor compared to AMDs counterparts. Intel had 2 rigs setup for us to use, the AMD Athlon FX60 (Overclocked to 2.8GHZ to simulate being an FX62) this was running on a DFI RD480 mainboard with 2 1900XT Crossfire cards, both systems had 1 GB of RAM installed (AMD running at 2-2-2/1T Timings, and the Intel running DDR2 at 4-4-4.) It had a clean install of WindowsXP and a series of applications for us to play with.

The Conroe was running at 1067FSB, but the memory was running at 667 (not at 800Mhz which it will be when it launches). The mainboard used in the Intel system was their D975XBK modified (3 Transistors and a trace cut). The boards which will be shipping in the next 2 weeks should all be Conroe compliant.

As far as we could see the systems were fairly setup, but please note these tests were not conducted in the HEXUS labs and are a mere indication of what performance we will see.

This morning Intel was bragging of a 40% performance increase and 40% power drop. Are their claims fair? Let’s find out!