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HDPLEX H5 fanless chassis can handle CPUs up to 95W TDP

by Mark Tyson on 15 September 2015, 14:31

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The upcoming HDPLEX H5 chassis has been previewed by the fans of all things fanless at FanlessTech. This is a beefy fanless ATX chassis with a headline CPU passive cooling ability of 95W TDP.

Many of the fanless chassis we see cater to the SFF and mini-PC market. People expect to compromise on the power requirements of the components going into those systems. To make a silent, svelte living room PC, for example, that's what buyers usually go for. However HDPLEX have designed an 8Kg "monster of a case" called the H5 which can handle builds up to and including an Intel Skylake-K processor plus discrete GPU, sans-fan.

Cooling capabilities

The HD PLEX H5 is said to be the world's first 16 heatpipe fanless chassis. Depending upon your configuration, eight heatpipes are dedicated to cooling the CPU and another eight for any discrete GPU (optional). In the pictures throughout this article you can see the cooling paraphernalia supplied with the case; of course you can see a plethora of copper heatpipes as well as weighty copper heatsinks and corresponding aluminium finned warm air dissipaters. In the picture below you can see a substantial copper heatsink attached to an EVGA graphics card, a GTX 750Ti I think.

The HD PLEX H5 is designed to be flexible. Users can fit ATX, microATX and mini-ITX motherboards and choose between ATX, SFX, FlexATX, and HDPLEX's nanoATX and external PSUs. Storage can be configured using an HDD rack with support for two 2.5-inch SSD / HDDs and one 3.5-inch HDD simultaneously, plus a rack for a 5.25-inch optical drive or other device, and a single slim 12.7mm rack.

As you can see in the picture below, taken from the side of the chassis, HDPLEX offers a good selection of easy to reach I/O including 2x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, a speaker jack a 12.5V input port and the power/reset button. This helps keep the front face of the chassis sleek and clean.

FanlessTech reports that the HDPLEX H5 will be made available later this week at a price somewhere below $300. There are a few more technical details about the H5 available on the HDPLEX blog.

  • Support ATX / microATX / ITX motherboards
  • Eight-Heatpipe and Copper Heatsink
  • Passive Cooling for 95W TDP CPU
  • Passive Video Card Cooler (Optional)
  • Swivel Open Faceplate
  • 5.25-inch ODD / Hotswap HDD Supported
  • ATX / SFX / Flex Power Supply
  • HDPLEX nanoATX Solution
  • Designed for 300W ATX Linear PSU
  • Dual Slot PCIE Card Supported
  • 15mm Brushed Aluminium Faceplate
  • Touch Sensitive Power Button
  • Low Light and No Light Dual Mode

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You know, I kinda like it
Very nice but $300 (so about £300 over here)….seems a tad excessive!
the fanless tech is good for a beefy HPC but with me I love fans!! why?? coz I love AMD and intel chips that runs at +4Ghz and when you add a 290x ohhhh dear the case will melt.
I've never been a fan of two tone cases but on a design front it looks pretty similar to a Streacom FC10 Alpha Fanless Chassis (it supports 95w tdp as does the smaller fc5 evo), they go for around £220 in the UK and support optical drives.

Pretty sure there are others too that are similar but cheaper.