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Gelid launches LED fan controller with touch screen control panel

by Mark Tyson on 18 December 2013, 14:32

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Today Gelid Solutions announced a new 5.25-inch form factor PC front panel fan controller unit called the SpeedTouch 6. This is an LED fan controller which provides six independent channels which are automatically/manually controlled via a built in touch screen interface.

Gelid inform us that this slot-in controller, of aluminium alloy construction, "provides a total of 6 channels with 30W performance per channel". The six channels run independently and each has its own temperature sensor which feeds back to the display. The unit is compatible with any fans that can be controlled via voltage adjustments. From the panel you will be able to read the fan speed data displayed "at two digits of accuracy," which in this case means that the last two digits on the display will always be rounded to X0.

The glowing blue display, with three brightness settings, allows users to control fans using manual adjustments, from 5V to 12V, or using automatic settings which adjust from 6.5V to 12V. We are told that the touch display is of the capacitive type and measures 113 x 26mm. The unit itself is powered from your PC's PSU via a 4-pin Molex connector and it supports six fans with either 3 pin or 4 pin fan connections.

The temperatures sensed by the system are displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, whatever is your preference (sorry no Kelvin scale). The SpeedTouch 6 comes with all the necessary cables, fixing and connectors to use it straight away with your existing fans/pumps. Gelid supplies the unit with a two year warranty and the recommended retail price is 35USD / 29Euro.

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Is a 2 year warranty really a selling point? It indicates that it will last over 2 years. If you're confident in your product, give it a 3 or 5 year warranty.

A 1 year warranty is cheap, but I can understand it. 2 just seems like an odd number (not literally, obviously). To me it suggests they generally don't expect it to make it to the 3rd year.
Perhaps they considered that a fair number of people might be running cheap & nasty power supplies which are more likely to give it dirty power after a few years, so other aspects of a system could influence the failure rate, regardless of its own build quality. There's also the possibility of people using high-current fans causing premature failure.

I don't see the problem with 2 years warranty on something like this. I don't know what protection components it has, but I imagine that a ~ Ā£25 retail price means that material costs are a consideration.
Problem with these touch screen controllers is the viewing angle of the screens is very poor. Unless you sit almost in front of most of them, you can't see the screen.

I doubt this is any different.
I had a Zalman MFC-2 multi-function controller and the viewing angle on that was terrible. I ended up going back to my old Akasa 4 channel controller with just knobs.
What ?? a fan controller that won't display my PC components temperature in Kelvin! well there isn't much point in it then.