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Enermax tries its hand at CPU cooling

by Parm Mann on 17 February 2011, 12:44

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Enermax has been producing PC fans of all shapes and sizes for about as long as we can remember, and the manufacturer is now preparing to take all that knowledge and apply it to the closely-fought world of CPU cooling.

Sounds a logical route to take and the first fruits of the company's labour will look something like this:

The yet-to-be-named cooler is being teased ahead of an official launch at next month's CeBIT trade show, where Enermax will launch not one but six different models with and without LED lighting.

As for the cooler itself, not a lot is known, but is uses a combination of Enermax's patented Vortex Generator Flow air-stream technology and Twister fans. That combination is enough for the manufacturer to deem it "cutting edge", and if the price is right, this could become an option for an affordable, high-performance, low-noise cooler.

Rest assured, we'll get all the details when we land in sunny Hannover next month.

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Yet another generic tower cooler enters the market, yawn.
Yet another generic tower cooler enters the market, yawn.
My thought exactly.

Sadly if component manufacturers want to make money these days they have to provide more than just one product type. But they all tend to do their sub products run of the mill so Im not holding my breath.
Yay never seen a cooler that looks anything like that before. Six models at launch why do we need that many and wont it just lead too confusion on the customers part? I guess that the only thing that could save this is the pricing really. Unless of course this for some reason produces really stellar cooling above every other cooler that looks pretty much the same as it.