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Is it a Hoverboard? Nope, just an almighty laptop cooler.

by Nick Haywood on 10 January 2008, 15:55

Tags: Antec

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It’ll suck yer nuts in!

CES 2008 Sitting next to the Antec Signature Series of PSUs was this behemoth of a laptop cooler, which is admittedly still in development… but my god, look at the size of the fan! The Notebook Cooler 200 is designed to cool the newer gaming specced laptops, hence it’s large size and even larger fan.

Fitted with the superbly named 200mm Antec Big Boy fan, you’ll have to be careful it doesn’t get your big boy sucked in… but I guess there’s worse ways to go.

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Never mind yer nuts… Let's just hope they secure the grill properly.

Sliced cucumber anyone?
By the time you've hooked up speakers to drown out the fan, you'll want something a little more portable … something made with valves perhaps.

Seriously, does anyone know how loud that will be?
Not very loud because its a 200mm fan which will have to rotate very slowly to disappate heat compared to the smaller fans featured normally in laptop coolers?
I've seen a couple of cases with these large fans and they were pretty loud, though admittedly quite effective at lowering temperatures. The noise characteristic is certainly different, more the air moved than the rotation, but still has the potential to be very annoying.
I can make some pancake on it!