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AVADirect Now Authorized Dynatron Reseller

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AVADirect is now an official reseller of Dynatron products. After offering their thermal solutions in our products for over 10 years it only seems right to do so.

Dynatron was founded in Taiwan in 1991 and steadily began to grow as a unique thermal solutions provider. The word "Dynatron" is, in many cases, used to reference a vacuum-like property in many devices. For the company, this emphasizes the fact that Dynatron's thermal solutions are extremely effective and quick to dissipate heat from the components their products are applied to or installed on.

Their products include active coolers, passive heat sinks, heat pipes, blowers, cross flow blowers, water coolers and DC/AC fans from 25mm to 200mm. Their thermal solutions can be seen in anything from Desktops, to workstation, or even notebooks. We are a proud reseller and system integrator of Dynatron products and will continue to implement them in our vastly growing custom solutions.

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