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Enermax ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition with 14cm fan

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Enermax presents the new ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition CPU cooler with a 14cm silent fan. Build for high-performance CPUs the cooler supports a cooling capacity of 230W TDP. The heat sink has an asymmetric design and five 6 mm heat pipes with the Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology. The innovative technologies ensure a quick heat transfer and allow the installation of high RAM modules.

High Pressure Blade

The ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition is equipped with a 14cm High Pressure Blade fan designed for use on CPU coolers. The patented Twister Bearing technology ensures smooth operation and a long service life of up to 160,000 hours MTBF.

The 9 High Pressure Blades rotate at 500 - 1.000 RPM to ensure ultra silent operation.
Air Flow Optimizations
Conic tunnels guide the air through the cooling fins and speed up the airflow to remove heat quickly.
Small spoilers on the fins, the so-called Vortex generators, conduct the air close along the heat pipes. Much more fresh air
is transferred to the back of the heat pipes.
Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT)
With the patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology the heat pipes rest directly on the CPU. The advantage against a base plate is the faster transfer of heat without any additional resistance.
Asymmetric Heat Pipe Design

The angled heatpipes move the heat sink to the back and create additional space for the fan. This way high RAM modules are not blocked.
Availability and prices
ETS-T50 AXE Silent Edition [ETS-50A-FSS]: 39,90 € Manufacturer MSRP incl. VAT.
The market prices can deviate.
The new cooler will be available from 21 January 2019.
For more information about the product, visit the product website.
About Enermax

Founded in Taiwan in 1990, Enermax Technology Corporation has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of PC components such as power supplies, CPU coolers, cases, fans and peripherals. Enermax works with certified manufacturing facilities to ensure the high quality and durability of its products. Enermax's own research and design centres ensure the continuous further development and innovative design of its products. In recent years, their innovations and ideas have repeatedly set new standards in the market. Subsidiaries and partners around the globe form an excellent network for the distribution of Enermax products as well as for ODM and OEM activities. Enermax coordinates its European business from Hamburg and organizes the supply of important European markets via the connected central warehouse.