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Taoyuan, Taiwan – August 13, 2018 –ENEMRAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, announces the launch of LIQTECH TR4 II, the 2nd generation of LIQTECH TR4 AIO water coolers tailor-made for the top-end enthusiast AMD® Threadripper CPUs. Building on the great success of the 1st generation coolers, LIQTECH TR4 II will continue to impress the world with its outstanding cooling competence and the fantastic RGB lighting. The second-gen coolers are built with an addressable RGB water block, of which the color and lighting effects can be sync with the motherboards to create attractive visual effects. In addition to 100% full coverage of AMD Threadripper IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) for uncompromised cooling performance, LIQTECH TR4 II features patented SCT cold plate design and exclusive EF1 pump with high flow rate up to 450L/h to deliver unbeatable cooling capacity of 500+ watts (TDP), which also makes LIQTECH TR4 II without a doubt the perfect default choice for the AMD’s high-core-count processors. 

Unbeatable 500+ Watts Cooling Power for Overclocking Support

LIQTECH TR4 series is the 1st and only all-in-one water coolers on the market with a base plate that fully covers integrated heat spreader of the AMD’s massive processors. Supporting an extremely high cooling capacity up to 500 watts (TDP), the 2nd generation series can also easily handle a large amount of heat produced by the heavily overclocked CPUs. The lineup is equipped with the patented SCT (Shunt-Channel-Technology) cold plate design; this proven cooling design can prevent the formation of the boundary layer and enhance the liquid flow inside the cold plate, helping reduce the formation of hot spots effectively. Moreover, the powerful all-in-one liquid cooler comes with a robust EF1 pump with high flow rate up to 450 L/h to assure best-in-class cooling efficiency. LIQTECH TR4 II is perfect for overclocked PCs, image editing workstations, and high-end gaming machines. 

Ready for Addressable RGB Lighting Synchronization 

In addition to the outstanding cooling power, LIQTECH TR4 II is built with an addressable RGB water block featuring a glossy acrylic cover and an AurabeltTM to enhance the rainbow illumination effects. LIQTECH TR4 II can sync the RGB lighting with advanced motherboards with the addressable RGB header. Users can program their own effects via the motherboard software to deliver a stunning multi-color glow across your rigs. On the other hand, for those who use non-RGB motherboards, the users can utilize the included RGB control box to select preferred lighting effects, colors, speed and brightness. 

LIQTECH TR4 II comes with custom-made mounting kits for optimized contact surface and faster installation. The new lineup comes in 3 different radiator sizes: 360, 280 and 240mm; the coolers will be available at retail in August. For more product information, please visit our website (https://goo.gl/JA6p53), or you can contact the support team near you for further assistance: 

1. European Countries (except France): https://goo.gl/qjBDl9

2. France: https://goo.gl/o2ZRvk

3. Japan: https://goo.gl/hVfScN

4. Taiwan: https://goo.gl/fUISTs

5. USA: https://goo.gl/sw5R2y

6. Others: https://goo.gl/rFev3i 


Enermax Technology Corporation is a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer and maker of peripherals such as chassis, coolers, fans, and storage solutions, all with excellent quality, having won recognition from consumers around the world. Our farsighted R&D capability is our key strength and we stick to our spirit of “Technical Innovation” and “Quality First” to create products which transcend international standards.  Visit us at www.enermax.com