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BEAST Computers' ultimate Intel Core i7 machine

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 November 2008, 17:44

Tags: Aphros Core i7, Beast Computers

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A look outside

We took a look at BEAST's Aphros Reality PC and were intrigued with just how bespoke the system was. Fast forward to today and here's another BEAST that constitutes the first revision of its pre-overclocked Core i7 line.

A lockable full-length door opens to the left and shows the various fans that are pre-installed in the chassis.

The components are all housed in the same LIAN LI PCP-80 chassis as the Aphros Reality. It's big enough to require wheels, and the entire system weighs north of 20kg.

A solitary Blu-ray looks ever-so-tiny, hinting at the size of the chassis, measuring 220mm x 633mm x 641mm (w x h x d).

At the very top there are the connectivity ports. Make sure, however, that your desk is large enough to accommodate the chassis and have clear access to this section.

The side vista highlights the masses of tubing that's required to watercool the CPU, northbridge, and graphics cards. Oops, getting ahead of ourselves.

And the other side. The final model will ship with a custom powder-coated paint finish inside.

The PSU is housed at the top, and the two graphics cards are sandwiched by a Killer NIC.

You know it's a big chassis when there's a brake on the back. However, getting access to it isn't all that easy if the chassis is pushed into a confined space.