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QOTW: How would you change Windows 8?

by Parm Mann on 2 November 2012, 16:30

Tags: Windows 8

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Ensure something is either completely in Metro or completely in Desktop Control panel. At the moment its jaring and confusing. Inexcusably so.
There is one operating system with two user interfaces. Windows8 is an attempt at merging the two but it doesn't achieve this, and the feeling of being forced to use the MetroUI is insulting.
As a touch screen interface the MetroUI works very well for people who consume media, or interact with social apps. As a productivity device the MetroUI has no place and is in the way.

Microsoft's goal is likely to do away with the mouse and keyboard, and I see kinect and voice controls as their end goal. The problem is that visual or audio control is not accurate or fast enough, so the keyboard and mouse is not going to go away anytime soon.
If the Metro store can catch up with the apple and google equivalents then and only them will microsoft have a comsumer product worth bothering with.

All in all the MetroUI is designed to be put in the living room on a large screen TV, or a tablet. It is not a workstation interface and is in essence an app in itself like Windows Media Center.

I believe that Microsoft have got their analysis wrong and have done no innervation other than to try to copy what is already out there. The ball has been dropped.

How would you change Windows 8?

I would like the desktop background to be able to have active tiles, and be called something like widgets.
I would like the option to choose where to boot up to.
I would like the start button back as the search is more efficient.
I would like the option of rounded windows.
I would like the option to apply transparency levels to the inactive windows.
I would like windows to remember the size and position that I left them in.
Choice to have permanent change between desktop/metro. Its unreasonable to have a desktop being a programme.
I would like windows to remember the size and position that I left them in.

Tried Autosizer? That app is a God-send.
+1 to all of the ‘separate out the desktop for th modern UI’ comments. When I'm using the desktop, unless I specifically go to metro, leave me in the desktop and do stuff in a new window please.