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QOTW: which games are you going to buy?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 28 October 2011, 15:07

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It's getting colder outside as the nights draw in. We imagine that many of our readers will take a renewed interest in gaming when there's not much to do in the evening hours.

We want to know which games you're particularly looking forward to in the next six months. Do let us know which platform you intend to buy them on and the reason for your interest.

There's a whole host of upcoming games in listed here, if you need some guidance, but I'm going to be playing Battlefield 3 on the PC in the very near future. The game looks plain awesome. Then I might drop some cash on Batman: Arkham City, though I'm going to wait for the PC version: you can't beat some proper 1,920x1,080 action with high levels of image quality.

What about you guys and gals? Which games are making your credit card flinch?

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Batman, batman, BATMAN!

I don't have time to play many games any more, so until Half-Life 2: Episode 3 comes out… I'll stick to the creme de la creme.
New Elder Scrolls Game by Bethesda
Stronghold 3
So far my list goes Dark Souls which I bought the other week and clocked up 40 hours on it already!

Stuff thats due however which I have been told not to buy by my wife as they are on my Christmas list! :

Uncharted 3 - PS3
Elder Scrolls Skyrim - PC
Batman - Either PS3 or PC, undecided as of yet on platform though. If it is fully supported DX 11 (Not just a few odd textures here and there) then PC version or if I cant wait for PC then PS3!

Have a feeling that Batman though will end up being bought in the coming weeks as I am now around two thirds the way through Dark Souls (first playthrough). Cant see me doing a second playthrough though, its been a chew on getting where I am now on it, may eventually to see a different ending, not just yet though. Havnt been enjoying it as much as Demons Souls must admit, still do like it though.

Next year I am waiting on MoH 2, apparently in some of the BF3 boxes there is a flyer in there for a new MoH game and not forgetting Mass Effect 3 either!
I've got two Assassin's Creed games to “do” (Brotherhood I got 6 months ago, and I've got a pre-order on Revelations). Really looking forward to Revelations - think it could be pretty sweet. Both on XBox.

MW3 on the XBox - will play through the single player and probably leave it at that (assuming it turns out to be as poor as some have said - more MW1.25 than a proper ‘3). Wish there was a MoH game out at the same time, so at least it’s got some competition.

And probably get BF3 on the PC - there's now CoD-levels of “buzz” around that, so I'm feeling honour bound to take a look.

Actually, I'm thinking that most of my time is going to be bought up with back-catalog stuff - e.g. Driver:SanFran still to finish, Forza4 to “exercise”, DeusEx to finish, Fable3 to start. So many games, so little time… ;)
I don't “look forward” to games because they more often than not end up shipping a buggy game to meet their deadline and then fix it later. So I wait until developers fix their games before I buy them.

I used to ignore that aspect of games for multi-player but I wasn't impressed with BF3 when I played the Alpha and Beta. I've completely ignored anything Call of Duty since number 4 and I am happy I did.

Right now I'm playing Magic The Gathering, Frozen Synapse, Cogs, Super Meat Boy, VVVVV along with other games in the Humble Bundles and will be playing Portal 2 along with DLC from Shogun 2 and Fallout: New Vegas after Christmas. Sometime next year I'll see how Skyrim is doing, hopefully by then most the bugs have been removed from the game.