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There's another killer browser, and it ain't Google Chrome

by Steve Kerrison on 4 September 2008, 11:57


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Text never looked so good

A bit of Lynx history, first. It was developed in the University of Kansas' Distributed Computing Group, as a hypertext browser for use on campus. That was in 1992, the year of Windows 3.1. In 1995 Lynx came under GPL license. In 2006 the last stable release was let out of its cage, but development continues.

If anything, Lynx was massively ahead of its time, solving problems that could only have been predicted by the art of witchcraft. So now, in 2008, it is time for Lynx to pounce.

Feature breakdown

Let us compare the features of some of the better known browsers and Lynx.

  Lynx Chrome Firefox Opera Internet Explorer
CSS support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Popup blocker What's a popup? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flash player No Yes Yes Yes Yes
JavaScript No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rickroll protection Yes No No No No
Runs without a window manager Yes No No No No
Anti-web-2.0 defences Yes No No No No
Works on a VT100 Yes No No No No
Tabbed browsing You can only read one web page at a time, foo' Yes Yes Yes Yes

While the 'other' browsers went and pandered to crazes such as supporting 'images', 'Flash' and 'JavaScript', Lynx focused on what people really need.

Worried about getting Rickrolled? No chance with Lynx. Fed up of LOLcats? Lynx is the answer. Want to protect yourself from the web 2.0 infection? You know what to do.

When the world at large realises the features Lynx brings to the table... oh boy! It is going to kick off big time.

Far less annoying now.YouTube in Lynx... much nicer.

Performance analysis

It would be unfair of us to compare loading times of browsers that need to render things such as images and other non-essential page elements, to the mighty text-only Lynx.

Instead, we're going to look at something equally unfair... memory footprint.

We tested a Lynx 2.8.6rel5 build on Windows XP x64 against Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet explorer, to see just how much memory each one needed to render the front page. Here are our findings (Lynx compatible, of course)...


 Browser memory footprint - viewing

    |            ___
 80M|            | |     ___
    |            | |     | |
 60M|            | |     | |     ___     ___
    |            | |     | |     | |     | |
 40M|            | |     | |     | |     | |
    |            | |     | |     | |     | |
 20M|            | |     | |     | |     | |
    |    ___     | |     | |     | |     | |
  0 |____|_|_____|_|_____|_|_____|_|_____|_|____
        Lynx   Chrome  Firefox  Opera    IE8


Lynx is nearly 10 times lighter in footprint than any other browser on test. Incredible efficiency there.


Move over Google, Chrome is the least of the web's worries. Now it's really time for the browser market to tremble, as Lynx will surely become the browser of choice for those who've seen one too many 'funny smilies' adverts, endured more bad YouTube videos than they can bear, and are fed up of pictures of people in MySpace poses.

So just about everyone, then? Yeah, we reckon.

Do yourself a favour. Upgrade to Lynx now.

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Rickroll protection Yes
Ahahahaa :D
I enjoyed that :laugh:

But seeings as you are deadly serious I shall give it a go :D
All you need these days is a very simple RSS reader. :)

Chrome uses a lot of memory considering it's so fast - probably not so fast on a PC with no spare memory.
ROFLMAO, well actually just brought a tear to my eye but a damn good read. Always nice to see a hype-killer article :)