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About Us

HEXUS.net is the UK’s number one independent technology news and reviews website.

Our core focus is PC systems and components. If you’re interested in getting the best possible bang for your buck when buying or building a PC, then this is the place for you. But over the years we’ve also diversified into gaming, technology business and mobile devices, so we should be able to cater for all your tech needs.

Our History

Founded in 1998, HEXUS has stayed true to its roots and continues to provide the highest quality content aimed at technology influencers. This commitment makes us stand out more than ever right now, with many other sites preferring quantity over quality. Our reviews adhere to rigorous standards and we only bring you the most relevant and insightful news and analysis.

Our Heritage

Having such a rich heritage has resulted in HEXUS having one of the most stable, knowledgeable and self-sustaining communities. Membership is well over 400,000 and rising, contributing over two million posts to date. The HEXUS.community is the only place to go for informed, mature, topical tech discussion.


We welcome you to the HEXUS family, and sincerely hope you have as much fun using the site as we do creating it.