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WP7 tipped to debut on 21 October

by Sarah Griffiths on 27 September 2010, 14:32

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Sony Ericsson

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OS wars

Microsoft is predicted to launch its Windows Phone 7 devices on 21 October, if rumours are to be believed.

Anonymous sources told Neowin that Windows Phone 7 devices will hit the shelves of shops in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy on 21 October, while the software giant is reportedly planning an open house event in New York on 11 October to tease its new offerings.

The site also reports that Microsoft is set to go on a massive marketing drive, partnering with a prominent London-based radio station to promote WP7. It predicted that Orange will be a close launch partner for the new devices, based on its previous Windows Mobile relationship.

Microsoft has signalled it is ‘ready' to launch its new OS, which notably includes dynamic tiles on phones' home screens instead of an iPhone-esque apps-based approach. It has also rolled out Zune to the UK market ahead of the launch.

However, unlike previous rumours had suggested, Microsoft said WP7 will not support tethering and act as a web hot spot after all, according to CNET.

One Microsoft official reportedly hinted WP7 could support tethering but it was up to carriers whether the function was available.  However, another official has reportedly quashed the rumours and would not reveal whether the feature will become available in future versions of the OS.

The lack of tethering adds to other limitations such as no multitasking or copy and paste functionality, which some other rival smartphones support. has revealed that, as part of Microsoft's marketing push, it has revealed a couple of ads showing off HTC's Mondrian handset.