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iPhone most desired student smartphone

by Sarah Griffiths on 4 November 2010, 12:27

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How do you like them apples?

Over 40 percent of UK students would pick an iPhone if they were buying a mobile tomorrow, according to a new report.

A student lifestyle study by Studentbeans.com and YouGov SixthSense which polled almost 900 students in June, also found a fifth of UK students would pick a BlackBerry handset over all others, perhaps hinting that the smartphone brand is far from dead, despite losing market share.

The survey discovered that the newer smartphone brands were in more demand than traditional names such as Nokia, with 1 in 10 students hankering after a Nokia handset, 7 percent wanting a Sony Ericsson and 6 percent wishing for a Samsung handset.

Internet usage on mobile phones is becoming more frequent amongst students, with almost 40 percent surfing the web on their mobiles at least once a day and 27 percent going online several times every day.

The study found this trend is more apparent amongst men than women, with 45 percent of male students using the internet on their mobile phone at least once a day, compared to 33 percent of women.

James Eder, Commercial Director for studentbeans.com, said: "Smartphones are certainly a growing market amongst students. The mobile channel has been touted as a new way of engaging with young people effectively, however there are still a significant proportion of students who do not yet use the Internet on their mobile phone or download apps"

Yet brands like Apple and BlackBerry dominate the high end of the smartphone market and almost 90 percent of students consider Apple to be expensive, he added.

Despite money worries, students are open to changing their handsets with almost three quarters changing their mobile in the last three years, ‘reflecting the move towards internet-centric smartphone', according to the survey.

Further illustrating people's love for the iPhone, one analyst firm has predicted Apple will shift a staggering 100m iPhone 4 s in 2011.