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Review: Destroy All Humans! 2 - PS2 & Xbox

by Steven Williamson on 7 November 2006, 14:50

Tags: Pandemic Studio's Destroy All Humans, THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), Action/Adventure

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Anal probing anyone?

Anal probing, body snatching, psycho kinesis and transmogrify were just a few of the entertaining array of mind controlling alien resources that you had at the tips of your fingers in Pandemic Studio's Destroy All Humans. The alien invaders, known as the Furons, are back once again to wreak havoc on mankind with some new alien weaponry and abilities, an increased amount of missions and more silly sci-fi humour than a episode of Red Dwarf.

Destroy All Humans 2 is set in the 1960’s where the evil hero of the game, Crypto 138, has been brought back down to earth due to his mothership crash landing in San Francisco’s Bay City. The KGB were the brains behind the destruction of the flying saucer so it comes as no surprise that Crypto and his alien buddies are seeking revenge. The game has a surprisingly decent story involving a secret Russian plot that sees Crypto travelling across the Globe infiltrating KGB bases and wreaking as much havoc on mankind as in-humanly possible.

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The main objective sees you in the role of the wise cracking Crypto who initially receives his tasks from Orthropox, another Furon who takes the form of a hologram. From collecting alien items littered around the environment, carrying out many seek and destroy objectives, escort reconnaissance missions and side quests you’ll earn alien currency, known as Furotech cells. If you succeed in these missions you’ll unlock more hi-tech weaponry, upgrades and new abilities for the hell-bent traveller, allowing you to cause devastating destruction to the whole of the human race.

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Although the missions in Destroy All Humans 2 aren’t particularly unique in terms of gameplay, they are varied in terms of subject matter, locations and humour. There are loads of laugh-out-loud moments, including convincing the local hippies to join your cult (which contains an amusing reference to Monty Python’s ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’) and forcing the inhabitants to have a sex change. As you take part in numerous non-sensical, but often enjoyable missions, you’ll snigger as you make humans worship the Lord of the Sacred Crotch and giggle at the witty exchanges between Crypto and his human enemies; Destroy All Humans! 2 has tons of diverting and entertaining dialogue.