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Review: EA Cricket 2005 – X-Box

by Nick Haywood on 19 July 2005, 00:00

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Sports

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Cricket 2005 – X-Box

Nick Haywood gets all excited by the sound of leather slapping on willow, but he was disappointed to find it’s EA’s latest cricket sim we’d handed him

I guess you could say that every sport has ‘Golden Era’ which will be remembered for ages until another, even more impressive, season comes around. Now you could hardly call cricket one of the most adrenaline filled games but watching Beefy Botham take the Aussies to town from a desperately poor position has to be one of sport’s greatest moments and once again opened up English cricket as a sport to be proud of.

Sure, we’ve had some bloody awful years since then, but our boys haven’t been doing too bad of late and it’s probably on the back of their recent successes that EA are hoping to keep the latest in the series, Cricket 2005, at the crease and going for a century. Are they going to declare for 500 not out, or is it LBW for a duck? Strap on your box and walk out with me…