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Review: The Outfit - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 3 April 2006, 16:20

Tags: THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), Shoot 'em up

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The A Team

World War II is back on the agenda in Relic’s The Outfit. From Battlefield 1942, to Call Of Duty, to Medal of Honour, to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, some of the best war games have been turned into gritty battles of survival set within this global military conflict

There’s just something about war that gets us all excited, as long as we don’t have to actually fight ourselves. Imagine that, we’d be sent out on the front-line only to whip out a joypad and start pressing frantically, only to discover that the shoot button is stuck down with hand jam. Us gamers gain a great sense pleasure in decapitating an enemy, or taking out a Nazi with a sniper from the safety of our own houses. Why not? It’s all the action, without the pain.

The Outfit is the latest in a long line of World War II games. It combines all-out action with strategic gameplay, where you’ll battle through larger than life combat missions in a bid to obliterate the Nazi defence. You’ll lead your squad through a variety of missions ranging from reconnaissance-and-rescue operations to search and destroy assignments.

In total there are 12 single player missions, and a wealth of options available in online multiplayer.

As you step out into your first mission, you’ll need to choose your squad leader, but which one of these heroes will lead you across Normandy in the battle against the Nazi war machine? You’ll get to choose from three characters, Deuce Williams, JD Tyler, and Tommy Mac, or Mr.T, Mad Murdoch and Hannibal, as I like to call them. You’ll realise why from the moment the game begins, not only do they slightly resemble the ‘A’ Team, but they also have the 80’s show’s madcap mentality. There’s no time for stealthy tactics in the Outfit; it’s full on unpredictable, crazy battles from the outset.

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The three main characters are distinguished by, not only their very different looks, but their assortment of weapons. Choose Mr.T and you’ll begin with a rifle and a shotgun, choose Murdoch or Hannibal and you’ll begin with a bazooka and a pistol, or a grease gun and a flame-thrower respectively.

The guns are not interchangeable, although you will be able to pick up add-ons later on in the game. If you think the choice of weapons is rather limited, there is no need to worry. You’ll have plenty of back-up and artillery thanks to the Destruction on Command function.