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Review: Rise Of Nightmares (Xbox 360)

by Steven Williamson on 8 September 2011, 15:41 2.5

Tags: Sega (TYO:6460), Action/Adventure

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The fun is in the killing

To control Josh throughout the campaign, you have to use Kinect. From the first-person perspective, you guide Josh through dingy corridors and dank dungeons using a basic melee system to see off hordes of monsters who were created by the evil Viktor in his laboratory. A range of melee weapons, such as knives, chainsaws and hatchets, can be equipped to dismember enemies as you utilise Kinect's motion-sensing abilities to fight of enemies by swinging your arms in all directions to chop off heads, arms and any other body part that happens to get in the way.

Using Kinect really helps to establish a connection with the game and makes for some fun and frantic hand-waving as you aggressively try and dispatch the hideous creatures that descend out of the darkness. Though it’s a very basic combat system, the option of being able to kick a zombie flying backwards, or chuck a vial at the screen to create an explosion, adds some extra depth and a small element of strategy to some of the more intense battles. Nonetheless, executing the same combat movements over and over again does get tiring, as well as repetitive.

Though combat drains you physically - and is alittle sluggish at times due to problems with the Kinect sensor inability to pick up your every movement - enemies are varied, boss battles are challenging, and it’s always satisfying when you chop off an enemy's head with a pair of pliers, or trigger a trap to leave them impaled on a set of spikes.

Although you’ll witness some gruesome kills in Rise Of Nightmares, it’s a game that uses humour well to create some satisfying executions that can be wildly entertaining. Quick Time Events also come into play during boss battles, which rarely require much more than the ability to time your hand waving correctly, but a degree of strategy does come into play as you progress through the game and learn that certain items have more of an impact on specific enemies.