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Review: LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Videogame - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 23 May 2011, 16:26 4.35

Tags: Disney Interactive Studios, Action/Adventure

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Explore environments from the movie series in more than 20 levels.

Many of the puzzles fit in with the pirate theme too. You’ll use Jack Sparrow’s compass, for example, to search for treasure, fire cannons at the windows of a passing ship to free Jack from his prison, fight enemies while balancing precariously on a thin plank and search for ships in bottles. There are also many occasions where you’re tasked with finding objects that you then need to use to interact with another item or character - picking up torches to light cannons, for example, or searching for a carrot to feed a donkey. There’s plenty of variety in the puzzles, and puzzling is broken up nicely with bouts of combat and entertaining cut-scenes.

Aside from a few ill-placed camera angles, that'll ensure you'll fall from great heights during some platforming sections, there's little to complain about in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Collecting studs is as addictive as ever, and whether you’re a die-hard Pirates fan or not there’s some entertaining and challenging puzzles to enjoy that are backed up by some great locations and humourous cut-scenes. Throw in the immense replay value to be had out of collecting items and unlocking characters and there's more than enough to keep you going until the next bout of LEGO action. Quite frankly, as long as Traveller's Tales continues to pick the right movies, the LEGO franchise in this format could keep running for a long time and still not get boring. LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean isn't our favourite LEGO game ever (probably because we're not massive fans of the movie) but in terms of gameplay it's a culmination of all the best that the franchise has to offer.

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