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Review: Red Dead Redemption - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 24 May 2010, 11:25 4.6

Tags: Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Xbox 360, PS3, Action/Adventure

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GTA style Wild West romp

Rockstar’s official seal of quality that we’ve become so accustomed to seeing in the spectacular GTA series is stamped all over Red Dead Redemption. The open-ended game world set across the sparsely populated America Frontier of 1910 may be a far cry from the bustling metropolis of the Grand Theft Auto series, but still it feels alive, oozing with an authentic Wild West atmosphere that's polished to a standard we've come to expect from Rocktar’s Advanced Game Engine (RAGE.) Still, despite our expectations, it doesn't make it any the less impressive.

As soon as you step off that train and spy mountains as far as the eye can see it's a sight to behold and a place that demands to be explored. The rolling prairies with vultures circling overhead, rattle-snakes hissing on the cactus-laden planes and bears wandering around under the intense heat scavenging for food are perfect for spending time exploring on horseback, or hunting and skinning animals in between bouts of rescuing damsels in distress or cattle herding. The detailed frontier towns also provide the perfect backdrop for dawn showdowns, public hangings and bar room brawls. Indeed it’s this blend of action and variation, plus bouts of slower-paced exploration across such an enticing game world that sucks you right in. There's no doubt about it: Red Dead Redemption is the best looking and most wildly entertaining Wild West game yet.

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