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Review: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 28 April 2009, 14:00

Tags: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, Action/Adventure

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The same again, but with robotic suits

What don’t we like?
Our fingers really ache. We were in one headache-inducing battle for almost an hour, pounding on the buttons until our thumb was almost numb. There are combos to rack up which occasionally gives some meaning to the constant button-mashing, and you can play tactically if you wish, but you’ll do just as well by hitting those face buttons furiously. Aside from the big bosses, the AI of the hundreds of enemy minions is pathetic. Some will take a swipe at you, but many will just stand there as if they’re huddling around waiting for a bus in the rain. There’s an awful lot going on on-screen at any one time, but the large scale battles rarely feel exciting because you don’t really need to think about what you’re doing, you’re just going through the motions; and, in our particularly case, praying that the monotony will end soon.

Final Thoughts
The Dynasty Warriors series is an acquired taste, but with over but 20 games having already been launched in the series since its inception it’s a formula that obviously appeals to some gamers. Perhaps it’s the escapism gaged from button-mashing, or the hypnotic flashing from the incredibly bright and colourful visuals that's so entrancing? We’ve no idea why people like it. All we do know is that we hate it.

VERDICT - 4/10

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