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Review: Metal Slug Anthology - Wii

by Steven Williamson on 4 April 2007, 14:05

Tags: Shoot 'em up

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The controls

Despite my display of enthusiasm for the game in the first page of the review, I couldn’t help thinking that I would have preferred to use a normal control pad rather than the wii controllers. Being such a classic game,you may be surprised to learn that Metal Slug Anthology doesn’t support the retro controller (GameCube controller is compatible). Okay, so you could argue that the Metal Slug era has come and gone and now we’re in the era of interactive gaming with Wii, but the addition of the classic controller would have at least given me the option to re-live the classic game as it used to be; as it stands you’ll need to get used to a brand new control system.

Using the Wii-mote and nunchuck, just like in many other Wii games, takes some getting used to, although there are a number of configuration options to choose from aimed at making life easier, including two options for those of the left handed persuasion.

First up, is the classic mode, in which you need to hold the wii-mote sideways and press the buttons to shoot and jump. Of course, it wouldn't be a Wii game without you having to exert yourself in some way so by shaking the controller you are able to throw grenades. If you've ever played the Metal Slug games you'll know that jumping shooting and throwing grenades are the only three things that you’ll ever need to do, but because Metal Slug is such a fast and absorbing game I couldn’t help but accidentally jerk the wii-mote and inadvertently fire grenades when I simply just wanted to jump. This isn't necessarily a fault of the game itself, but perhaps more about me needing to get used to keeping the wii-mote still and moving it only at times when it needs to be moved; nevertheless until I can get used it, it is frustrating. I’ve tested out all the configurations, bar the left handed ones, and they don't get any better.

You can switch to the nunchuck as your controller, using the buttons for jumping and shooting, the stick to control your movement and a quick shake for throwing a grenade, but once again, I still couldn't get used to using a physical movement to carry out an on screen action; those who have the patience and have a great sense of co-ordination may find that it actually adds a new dimension to the gameplay.

If you're feeling brave enough, you can use also use a combination of the nunchuck and wii-mote, using the stick to control movement and the wii-mote to shoot and jump and a flick for the grenades, but it kinda feels a bit like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. Using the wii controls doesn’t quite do the game the justice it deserves, but I haven't tried it out with GameCube pad, which I suspect may the easiest and best option. As it stands, the first option is the best one and after playing the game for around 1/2 hour I was able to adapt somewhat to the new controls, although it still never felt totally comfortable.