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Review: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - PSP

by Steven Williamson on 23 June 2009, 12:23

Tags: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Capcom (TYO:9697), PSP, RPG

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What's that coming over the hill?

What’s it about?
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an action-rpg in which you step into the boots of a hunter that partakes in quests to gather resources, hunt wild beasts and search for treasure. Set high in the snowy mountains, Pokke Village acts as the hub from where you equip and prepare yourself for accepting quests from the Guild Hall and the village elder. In the village there’s an armoury, weapon smith and general store where you can buy and forge supplies that can help you on your adventure, as well as a farm where you can make and grow your own resources.

Tactical combat is a core part of the gameplay as you tackle a wide range of beasts with a huge assortment of weapons, from Great Swords to bows and arrows. As well as needing to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the monsters in order to be a successful hunter, you need to choose the right weapons and the right items to bring with you on your quest. There's plenty of customisation options and hundreds of weapons and items to choose from, so there's a lot to think about before you set out on each adventure.

Aside from fighting monsters, you can spend time at Pokke farm working the land by mining, fishing, catching bugs, growing plants and harvesting honey, which can then be used for cooking up food to give you attribute boosts, or combining items to forge weaponry or make powerful objects to help you in your quests.

There are hundreds of quests available at the Guild Hall, all of which are divided into various rankings, but most that fit into the categories of: monster hunting, item gathering or treasure hunting. Each quest earns you cash, which can then be spent on buying the necessary equipment to make your hunter stronger so that you stand a chance when tackling the bigger boss creatures and some of the higher ranking quests.

Multiplayer cooperative battles for up to four friends via ad hoc mode foster team building and strategy for the ultimate battle of man vs. beast.

Gameplay impressions overleaf...