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Review: Lost Planet - Extreme Condition - Hands-on - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 4 January 2007, 11:51

Tags: Lost Planet Extreme Condition, Capcom (TYO:9697), PS3, Action/Adventure

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Brrrr, it's freezing.

This review is now accompanied by a condensed video review: http://www.hexus.tv/show.php?show=32

Lost Planet is an intensely satisfying game that often had us gurning as we battled to beat some of the larger, tougher creatures, clenching our butt-cheeks as we ran for our lives upon seeing an enormous worm the size of a block of flats come crashing through the Earth, and even laughing out loud as we threw a disc grenade into the pincers of a lobster and watched it detonate..Kaboom!

Exclusive to the Xbox 360, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third person shooter set on the icy plains of a frozen planet where snow pirates are the only humans left standing and the indigenous Akrid creatures, resembling a newfangled variety of insects and crustaceans, have set up base and don't take too kindly to humans trespassing on their frozen homeland. The snowstorms and artic winds make for an unforgiving environment in which you'll need to eradicate the Akrid threat as you search for a mysterious artefact across scattered frost-bound ruins, snow fields, insect-infested caves and snow-covered cities guarded by the vigilant pirates. The combination of frenetic combat and well-animated, frightening creatures, make for a thrilling, often chilling and occasionally laugh-out-loud shooter of the highest pedigree.

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The story of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is presented through cut-scenes prior to each mission where we initially learn that Wayne, the dashingly handsome star of the show, has been rescued by snow pirates but has lost his memory (he can't even remember his own name,just as well eh Wayne?!). The planet is so cold that Waynes' rescuers insert a device into his arm that absorbs thermal energy into his body that will keep him nice and warm for a limited period. As the story progresses Wayne's amnesia slowly starts to fade and we learn more about his past and discover that there's more to his rescuers than meets the eye. From that point forth you'll be stepping into your mech suit (known as Vital Suits) or dashing across the harsh landscape, through caves or man-made structures in a number of search and destroy missions where you'll need to take out any Akrid or snow pirates that stand in your way.

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The vision and creativity of Capcom's in-house design team is demonstrated by the superb animations of many of the Akrid that we encountered. Giant arachnids and worms explode from underground burrows buried deep in the snow, trilobites fill the sky with twisting, undulating patterns and many eye-catching creatures spawn from nests nestled in cave roofs or abandoned warehouses where they've set up home. Though we were aware of the heavy influence the designers must have had from the arachnids, or the bugs that threatened mankind in the Starship Trooper films, we were stunned at many of the unique creatures that crossed our path.