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Review: DC Universe Online - PS3

by Steven Williamson on 7 February 2011, 16:24 3.75

Tags: Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), MMOG

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Superheroes go to battle in comic book MMO.

DC Universe Online (DCUO) is undoubtedly an MMO aimed specifically toward console gamers. Having played both the PC and PS3 versions, the latter which we’re reviewing today, it’s apparent that the simple interface, straightforward upgrade system and uncomplicated combat are geared toward accessibility for a console crowd, who on the whole may not be too familiar, or that excited by arduous level grinding, hours of inventory management, or haggling away at an auction house for a piece of armour for their big toe.

Yet, DCUO still has all the attributes that make an MMO so addictive - the social interaction, the character customization and sense of progression, and the questing and raid instances - but it also does well to create a real sense of competition between the two main factions that star in the show, as good and evil battle against each other in the wide open spaces of Gotham City and Metroplois. When playing in PvP mode, DCUO offers an online environment perfect for partying up with other likeminded superheroes and villains, but one that also has quite an edge and unpredictability to it thanks to the warring factions.

One of the big selling points of DCUO is the cast of characters, who are plucked straight from DC Comics illustrious past. On the heroes' side, you’ll come across the likes of Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, and for the villains you’ll encounter Joker, Catwoman, and Bizarro. There are many other characters in the story too and all are designed in a comic-book art-style and animate extremely well. Equally impressive is some of the strong voice-over work, which does well to capture the macho nature of the powerful male figures, and the strong feminine sides of the ass-kicking ladies of the bunch. And, of course, just in the same vein as similar superhero-themed MMOs, such as Champions Online and City Of Heroes, you get to kit out your very own character as you side with either the good or the bad guys.

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