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Review: Crusty Demons - PS2

by Steven Williamson on 24 November 2006, 15:35

Tags: Koch Media, Sports

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The Devil on your shoulder...

High speeds, dizzy heights, spectacular stunts and an unprecedented amount of danger is part of everyday life for an extreme sport’s enthusiast.

The Crusty Demons are a real-life gang of testosterone filled bikers who travel the world showing off their spectacular stunts and pushing the boundaries of conventional competitive sports. They have set many world records including the longest jump on a motorcycle - 277.5 feet (84.4m), set by California’s Trigger Gumm. In Crusty Demons the videogame you step into the leathers of the daredevil stunt team and perform dozens of outrageous life-threatening stunts and tricks, earning points along the way by breaking every bone in your body.

Crusty Demons begins with the death of the stunt team. The team is then recruited by the Devil and are offered immortality if they can impress him with their range of bone-breaking stunts. Crusty Demons is no-holds barred, violent game, rich in blood but poor in substance. Throughout the story-mode you are encouraged to crash your motorbike and other vehicles, including a buggy and an ice-cream truck, resulting in broken bones and plenty of blood loss. The more extreme your injuries the more points you are awarded, including a bonus for the length of the blood smear you leave on the ground as you get thrown through the air.

The Devil allows you to harm yourself in any way you deem fit, without the fear of dying. In return, the Crusty Demons team have forfeited their souls to him and you have to work damn hard to earn his respect and win back your stolen soul by competing in a number of stunt challenges. The gameplay focuses predominantly on performing these stunts, but despite the added element of 'points for blood spilt' it’s essentially Tony Hawk on motorbikes with gore.