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Review: Guitar Hero – PS2

by Nick Haywood on 3 March 2006, 09:58

Tags: Guitar Hero, RedOctane, PS2, Simulation

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I love rock and roll!

We caught Nick Haywood with a tennis racket giving it his best impression of The Edge in front of the mirror… so he gets to don the spandex and review Guitar Hero… the big jessie…

Right then, we need to get a few things straight right from the off. First off, I cannot play guitar. I have no idea how to play a guitar other than you press down on the strings on the long bit and you strum the strings on the fat bit. You fret about stuff, apparently and sometimes you play with your plectrum before going off and having a riff… or something.

The other thing I have to share with you is that I wish I could play guitar, I really do. The thing is, other than having the world’s fattest fingers which can hit three strings at once, I just don’t have the patience to learn. Give me a guitar and manual and unless I’m playing like Eddie Van Halen within 30 minutes, I lose interest. I just can’t be arsed to sit there and repeat chords and whatever over and over. I want to be Pete Townsend giving it the scissor kicking power chords and smashing the lounge light by tea time or forget it…

Given this lack of knowledge, skill, aptitude and patience, it’s not hard to see why there’s so many wannabe guitar experts out there. We can quite happily air guitar along to even the most manic of tracks, safe in the knowledge that, in our minds we were nailing every note and driving the crowds into a frenzy.

But all that is set to change as along comes Guitar Hero, a game that’s set to kill off air guitars forever. Using the custom controller, you can now be the star of pretty much every major rock song of the last 20 years and ‘grind your axe’ with skills that take decades to learn. Grab your backstage pass and follow me…

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