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Review: Psychonauts -PS2

by Nick Haywood on 11 February 2006, 12:52

Tags: Psychonauts -PS2, THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), Platform

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”Ohmmmmm….. Ohmmmmmm… Ohmmmmm…” Nick Haywood uses the power of his mind to transmit his Psychonauts review to you telepathically… What do you mean you keep getting a mental picture of him in fishnets dancing with a banana?

Just as you can usually spot a Tim Burton movie a mile off do to its distinct visual style, you can usually tell a Tim Schafer game for much the same reason. Seeing as Tim Schafer has had his designer mitts on the likes of Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle as well as other LucasArts classics, you can be fairly sure that his games are going to be pretty good, if a tad quirky.

And so it was with Psychonauts, a PC and Xbox release that, rightly, is now coming out over here having previously been released purely in the US. But it’s not just the Xbox and PC versions that will be released over here, we’ll also be getting the PS2 version, which is what we’ve got under the microscope here today…

Psychonauts is essentially a platform/adventure game much along the lines of Mario, Crash and any one of a dozen other platform titles that (with the exception of Mario) are abundant on the PS2… So how does Psychonauts hold up on a system where you can’t lob a joypad without hitting a platform puzzler ?