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Review: We Love Katamari – PS2

by Nick Haywood on 6 February 2006, 13:49

Tags: We Love Katamari , Namco (TYO:7832), Puzzle

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I am the King of All Cosmos

A game about rolling things up? Time to stick the chubby Nick Haywood on the case… if he gets any fatter rolling is all he’ll be good for…

Katamari Damacy was the sneak cult hit of 2004 with what could only be described as weirdy psychedelic trippy gameplay. The basic idea was to have you controlling a ball, the Katamari, which you’d roll around and collect stuff and, as the ball grew bigger, you could collect bigger and bigger things.

Where it gets a bit trippy is that the storyline had you as the Prince of the Cosmos running around on earth rolling up Katamaris at the whim of the King of All Cosmos, who had accidentally wiped out every other heavenly body in the universe, (fortunately not Keira Knightley’s), and each Katamari you completed was turned into a new star, planet or satellite to replace the ones the King had destroyed.

Weird? Yes. Playable? Immensely. Largely overlooked by the general gameplaying populace? Most definitely.

So now the King is back again, this time to bring, hopefully, Katamaris to the masses and get them all rolling around collecting everything from the tiniest pin through to video tapes, telephone kiosks and sumo wrestlers right up to double decker buses, the Taj Mahal, storms, clouds and even the Sun!

Oh yes, Katamari is back and it’s just as weird as ever!