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Review: I SPY Fun House - Nintendo DS

by Steven Williamson on 18 January 2008, 14:46

Tags: I SPY Fun House, Koch Media, DS, Puzzle

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All the fun of the fair? Well... sort of,well...not really.

If you’re like me, and take a teensy bit of enjoyment out of trying to deduce what a game may be about from its title then you may think, like I did, that I SPY Fun House is a detective adventure set in a funfair or circus type setting. Well, not only would you be as stupid as me to think that the 'SPY' part of the title relates to anything remotely associated with espionage or anything as dark as murder, but you’d also be totally wrong.

Those more mature readers, youngsters or parents amongst you may instantly recognise the name as being from the popular I-SPY educational books that are still going strong today and come jam-packed with plenty of find-the-hidden-object puzzles. In fact, it was these books that led to the birth of the children’s guessing game in the 1950’s and 60’s, I-Spy with my little eye. Well, I SPY Fun House is an amalgamation of those hidden object puzzles with a variety of other ideas thrown in to test your brain power and observational skills.

Okay, so maybe the idea of solving a murder and searching for a shadowy figure amongst the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ may sound like more fun if you get your kicks from videogames with a decent storyline and some meaty action (if that’s the case, I Spy Fun House isn’t the game for you), but if you’re the type of person who enjoys the likes of Brain Training on DS, has a Sudoku book next to the loo, or would like to get your children off Super Mario Galaxy and playing a game that will exercise their minds, rather than the wrists, then read on.

I SPY Fun House is a slow paced puzzle game that will have limited appeal to adults, but could be deemed as entertaining and educational for the kiddy winks. After completing the title, I’d have to say that the latter is certainly more likely. Adults will have a good enough time for a few days solving the puzzles and getting out of the funhouse, which is the game’s overall goal, but the fun is short-lived once you discover how little there actually is to do, apart from repeat the same puzzles over and over again.

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