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Hands-on multiplayer :: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW 2) - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 20 February 2007, 12:35

Tags: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Xbox 360, FPS

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The Multiplayer maps - an end to spawn camping?

Ubisoft explained that GRAW 2 features ‘object translucency which allows players to see through surfaces like leaves and fabrics under the right conditions and a new technique called "God Rays", which simulates the way light goes around an opaque surface.’ As a smoke grenade is thrown the vapour rises and forms an impressive gaseous wall, even more visually striking than seen in the previous instalment and, furthermore, smoke drifts off in the wind depending on which way it is blowing.

Ubisoft were keen to point out the enhancements to the smoke and fire effects in GRAW 2, but they needn’t have bothered as it was one of the first things that we noticed. It’s an impressive achievement which adds to the atmosphere of the battle and adds a further touch of realism.


GRAW 2 offers a diverse range of multiplayer maps and thankfully we had the chance to test out the majority of them. We’re not fans of spawn camping and neither are Ubisoft so in GRAW 2 they’ve ensured that you spawn in random spots. Despite this new addition, we still found it extremely easy to find a spot where we could get a view over the whole spawn point and then launch grenades from the M32 GL, taking them out with ease. On one particular map called the Fort, the team who won was always the team that managed to hot foot it over to the other sides spawn area or the team that camped on the middle level of the fort with a clear view of the spawn area. The new random spawn points have helped slightly in stopping spawn campers, but certainly haven’t eradicated the threat; all you really need is two or three team members to take up strategic positions and they’ll be pinned down easy enough.

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Strangely enough, this added feature has made spawn camping somewhat tactically compelling. From being the type of gamers that are against spawn camping we actually found that in GRAW 2 it’s actually a great deal of fun, even if it was annoying the hell out of the opposition. In team survival games on the smaller maps it was literally a case of having to head to their spawn before they reached yours.

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Disappointing as this may be for some there’s an unspoken rule on Xbox live about spawn camping, so we’d like to think that teams won’t adopt these tactics and we hope that spawn camping etiquette will be adhered to.