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The Wheelman - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 14 January 2009, 12:55

Tags: The Wheelman, Midway Games, Action/Adventure

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Open-world driving with attitude

With its February 16th release date drawing ever closer, development on Wheelman is almost complete and Midway Studios will be hoping to dazzle us with its blend of cinematic Hollywood-style car chases, big explosions and death-defying stunts.

With beefy American actor Vin Diesel starring as the Wheelman (aka Milo Burik,) an undercover operative and highly skilled driver who infiltrates Barcelona’s criminal underworld to gather up information about a heist, the action focuses heavily on driving and all the carnage that goes hand in hand with high speed chases and armed battles through busy city streets.

Alongside over 100 side objectives, the main story-line follows the Wheelman as he poses as a driver-for-hire deliberately trying to fuel tensions between city gangs. Along the way he has to avoid a heavy police presence and use all his driving skills to outwit his enemies on the road.

As driving takes up the main bulk of the gameplay a lot of effort has been put into car handling and the variety of stunts and super moves that can be executed. Rather than going down the traditional route and using one of the face buttons to accelerate, in Wheelman we’ll need use the left thumbstick to steer and brake and the right thumbstick to accelerate and to bash into the opposition. This will free up the face buttons so that we can execute a number of super-moves, including the Cyclone, which will allow us to spin our vehicle 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the action slows down so that we can take a precise shot at an enemy.

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