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James Bond: From Russia With Love – Hands On

by Nick Haywood on 21 August 2005, 00:00

Tags: EAs James Bond 007: From Russia with Love on PS2, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Action/Adventure

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James Bond: From Russia With Love – Hands On

James Bond: From Russia With Love – Hands On

007, licensed to kill… and, in the past few years, he’s thankfully become a pun cracking womaniser again after those bleak Timothy Dalton years of political correctness. But as action packed and gob-smacking as today’s Bond films are, none of them, and I really do mean none of them come close to the action, humour and quite sophistication of the Sean Connery years. Roger Moore brought all the acting ability of a chair to the role, while George Lazenby was a thankful one off mistake. Timothy Dalton was shackled by ‘don’t offend the women’ brigade and Piers Brosnan, while bringing back the suaveness and character of Bond, is just overshadowed by ever more spectacular effects. No, for me Bond was at his peak when a young Scottish actor played the epitome of Britishness, flung his hat onto a hat stand from across the room and dealt out puns left right and centre with a dry, quiet humour…. Sean Connery is and always will be Bond, James Bond.

EXCLUSIVE to HEXUS.gaming, James in all his finery, armed and ready to make use of his license to kill (And you can find another exclusive screenshot at the other end of this feature!)

So I was very relieved to learn that EA were using Sean’s likeness in their latest Bond outing, From Russia With Love, and in sitting down with Peter O’Reilly for a play through, I was in raptures to see that EA have tried their damndest to capture the essence of those classic early Bond movies with the wonderful Mr Connery.