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The Agency - The online action shooter for PS3

by Steven Williamson on 21 August 2008, 09:45

Tags: The Agency, Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), PS3, FPS

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Online multiplayer spy-themed action.

Sony Online Entertainment has been showcasing The Agency at Leipzig this week, a fast-paced spy-themed action shooter that will be playable only online.

Set in a persistent world, The Agency takes place in a modern setting  where you take the role of an elite agent caught up in a world of spies, mercenaries, bomb blasts and betrayals.

Designed for the PS3 and PC, The Agency boasts mission-based game-play, requiring players to complete a variety of goals using their combat and stealth skills. Amongst the missions that we know about are assassinations that require you to track down, sneak up on and eliminate your target, but they'll also be more aggresive combat objectives and a range of vehicle-based challenges.

It appears that The Agency mixes FPS-style gameplay with third person action and then throws in a few mini-games here and there, such as being able to play Texas Hold 'em in the casino.

When you first enter the game, the action will already be in full swing and you can choose to play on one of two sides. The United Nations Intelligence and Tactical Experts (U.N.I.T.E) are secret agents who fight against terrorism and The Paramilitary Global Operations Network (ParaGON are one of the world's dishonorable private armies.

You'll then choose a class, which include weapon specialists. field medics and spec ops and your choice here will determine your weapons and equipment that you'll carry with you throughout the game. Should you die though, you're able to switch classes.

As you advance through the ranks of their faction, you'll also begin building your own Agencies and RPG elements come into play where you can increase your power even further by creating Joint Agencies with other players.

The persistent world means that operatives will work around the clock and will be able to keep their Agents up-to-date even while offline, through email and text messages.

Although we're yet to get our hands on The Agency, it's shaping up to be an exciting team-based multiplayer game. As yet Sony Online Enterainment hasn't confirmed a release date.

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