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Hands-on Penumbra Overture - PC

by Steven Williamson on 19 January 2007, 08:53

Tags: Lexicons Penumbra Overture Episode One PC, Action/Adventure

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The first of three spooky episodes...

Developed by Swedish developer Frictional Games, Penumbra Overture received widespread interest after the tech demo became available on the internet showcasing their HLP Engine. The team have been working hard ever since to bring the skills they have learnt from making the demo into creating a challenging and intuitive game on PC.

Penumbra Overture is due out in March and will have a developing storyline that consists of three separate episodes. We’ve had the opportunity to play the first preview code of the first person action adventure.

Penumbra Overture is a dark game, both in nature and look. The ill-lit, shadowy graphics are accompanied by an eerie soundtrack that creates a feeling of anxiety and a sense of bad vibes as you travel through an underground facility alone and afraid.

The story revolves around Phillip who receives a letter from his late father telling him to search for and destroy a mysterious book. Phillip’s curiosity gets the best of him and rather than fulfilling his father’s request he reads the book and discovers certain notes that he’s left hidden within the pages. The notes direct Phillip on a dangerous adventure to Greenland in search for answers.

Once in Greenland, Phillip discovers a hatch that leads him into this dark underground facility, where the answers to his questions lurk around every corner.

What happened next? Turn over for more...