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Ubiday Live 07 :: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam Fisher gets a hoody - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 23 May 2007, 09:54

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New details revealed

Over at Ubiday in Paris, Nick Haywood has been enjoying the first look at the new Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell: Conviction and he's discovered some new details. Unlike previous Spinter Cell games, Splinter Cell: Conviction will be set almost entirely during the day-time, so this time around there's no need whatsoever for night vision goggles. Sam Fisher still works for The Third Echelon, but this time he's not chasing the baddies, the baddies are chasing him and he has no idea why.

Splinter Cell: Conviction has a unique crowd control system and Sam will only have a set of basic weapons at his fingertips. This time round Splinter Cell will be more about the interaction with the environment, rather than combat. Nick tells us that the environment is totally ineractive, you can pick up knives and forks in cafes, pick and up and throw barrels and shoot objects in order to create diversions allowing you to reach your destination. The Crowd control feature works as a diversion, an example of this was when Ubisoft demonstrated how the crowds react in the game by shooting a tank that was parked next to a hot dog stall. The crowd automatically move over to see what all the commotion is about, allowing you to disappear in the crowds withouth fear of detection from your pursuers.

Sam Fisher will also be able to use a hoody to disguise himself from his enemies and will have numerous devices, such as mobile phones, which can be used as distractions.

That's it for now, more news as we get it.

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Sam Fisher: ASBO and Proud.
Chav! lol sounds like some novel ideas, hope they pull of the crowd psychology well.